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Alergam pentru a ajuta victimele violentei domestice

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3 reasons to donate for the Touched Romania cause:

- Helping mothers and children in the maternal center to stay together.

- Hm, staying together with our famillies is something that most of us may take as granted, don't we?

- Preventing the abandonment of children. Hard to believe?

I am feeling lucky just reading about this...

Mothers from Casa Agar and their children learn to develop skills for independent life coming from an abusive environment, having a troubled life they need to restart.

What is running a fun run marathon compared to that?

Recomandă-le prietenilor această campanie.

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Touched Romania

Touched Romania ajuta mamele si copiii in dificultate, victime ale violentei domestice si abuzului  sa ramana impreuna.

Sustine un copil in Casa Agar!

Casa Agar ofera adapost, hrana, consiliere si tot ce este necesar pentru mamele si copiii in dificultate, victime ale abuzului, violentei in familiei si excluziunii sociale pentru a ii ajuta sa se reintegreze in societate.

Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon ~ 2015

Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest International Marathon este organizat de Asociația Bucharest Running Club în parteneriat cu Federația Română de Atletism și Primaria Municipiului București.  Este ce

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